Feeling Blue…More Like Purple

So because I’ve been feeling down lately I figured I should do something to make me feel better. No, I’m not going to a nail salon or a regular hair salon for that matter but I’m dying my whole entire head purple! I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time but always made up an excuse why I shouldn’t. So now I’m finally doing what I want and if I do get a job or a job interview I can always dye it back but gahhhhh I’m so excited.

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Anonymous: I am sorry for the pain this degrassi might have brought up and how your hurting. You are stronger than you know and that is something you should hold on to. You are strong because you wrote that post and acknowledged you needed to reach out, you are strong because you are in touch with your emotions willing to confront them even the ones that might feel crippling, you are strong because you are you....you are a warrior & a wonderful person. You deserve to be happy , keep fighting warrior <3

Thank you anon.

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